The importance of services
is growing all over the world

For many years, the share of services in the gross domestic product has been rising all over the world and so did its importance for the economy. Since the production and consumption of services as being intangible goods coincide with time (and space), developing and defining service quality standards and following these guidelines is of particular importance. Last but not least, the cooperation and participation of the customers strictly requires to focus on their attitudes, expectations and behavior while developing services for them.

Service Design Thinking –
a structured innovation process

Besides that strict customer centricity, the underlying mindset and method of service design thinking is based on the so-called “double diamond”. Its iterative process uses a variety of instruments, such as, qualitative interviews and focus groups, the 6-3-5 method, personas, storyboards, customer journey maps and relationship maps or mock ups. Over the four stages research, insights, ideation and prototypes, diverging and converging project phases alternate.


Successful right away
thanks to professional partners

Providing the initial input, (market) research is the linchpin of service design. Failures and mistakes in this phase can later only be readjusted with a great financial effort or even not at all. This is why it is reasonable especially in this phase to consult experienced research specialists instead of making do-it-yourself quick shots and experiments.

Service design - an important component of service management

Moreover, service design is not isolated in itself but is an integral part of a company’s comprehensive service management – with all its effects on structures, processes, employees and resources. It is therefore even more important to work with a partner who shares this comprehensive view with you and who supports you in the development of innovative services that fulfill tomorrow’s customer requirements yet today.

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