All customer touch points
are important

A comprehensive service management supports customers optimally across all stages and touchpoints of their customer journey – from the information and evaluation stages to the post-purchase phase and complaint management. Here, many companies have a plethora of unused potential.

Service Management Process

Service management turns out to be an ongoing process or control loop: The definition of service strategy and objectives, the service design and the allocation of resources, the service provision, the effects on service at the service recipient’s side and the service controlling. Best-possible design and the tight integration of these elements enable you to fully use your company’s existing service potential and ensure an optimal service result – for your customers and your business.


Your service –
as individual as your customers

Also in mass markets customers remain individuals: An essential “must” for one customer is able to delight another one who does not expect such a service. Since the service effects, i.e. satisfaction and loyalty, and consequently also the customer value arise from the encounter between expectation and experience, the detailed knowledge of customer expectations is a prerequisite for the optimal configuration of the service provision.

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