Market Research – a discipline "between two stools"

Market research was, is and always will be a discipline that is difficult to grasp, since market researchers are often caught between two or even more stools: For controllers market research is in many cases not “calculable” enough, for statisticians it is often too little statistical and for social scientists it is often too much oriented to potential application of the results in industry.

However, market researchers have to be at home in all these fields and speak the language of internal and external stakeholders in order to interpret between them. As the importance and frequency of research increases with new approaches such as service design thinking, it is even more important to maintain and, where needed, to develop employees’ market research knowledge and skills.

Modular Training Courses

For this reason, CUSTOR developed training courses that can be tailored precisely to the individual needs of companies due to their micro-modular structure. Depending on the prioritization, different ranges of topics will be included or focused:

  • The ending determines the beginning – from the interest in knowledge to the survey design.
  • Qualitative or quantitative market research, statistical vs. psychological representativeness? – What provides the most expedient solution?
  • What is a good question? – Why a good question design is not child’s play.
  • The whole is more than the sum of the parts – from individual questions to a balanced questionnaire.
  • Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! – How to learn from customers what you really have to know.
  • Without analysis, data is just numbers. – Development of efficient reporting systems for structured data with spreadsheet programs.
  • From data to insight – How do you find the exciting story behind the data? And how do you communicate it towards internal stakeholders?
  • Interviewing people – nothing easier than that? – Requirements for interviewers to ensure valid results.

In-house Training

In order to minimize the time required for the employees, the training courses are usually carried out as all-day seminars at the client’s facilities. Optionally, smaller, decentralized training units are conceivable, furthermore a combination of offline und online training units – so called “blended learning” – can be realized if suitable. The modules are selected in close consultation with the client after an extensive briefing.

Methodical Kick-off Event

Trainings can also be conceived as a methodical kick-off event of a market research project. Thus, the same level of knowledge of all participants is ensured up-front and the interest in knowledge and the study design are worked out and specified together.

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