Form follows function

This well-established design principle also applies to market research: For your study, we will be using the instruments and data collection methods that are best suited for your specific needs – whether it will be qualitative methods such as group discussions and in-depth interviews or quantitative surveys via phone, online or in person, such as directly at the point of sale or at a trade fair, always perfectly matched to the respective target group: Current or potential B2C or B2B customers, employees or partners.

CUSTOR’s core market research services:

Customer and Partner Survey

Employee survey

Mystery research
Product- and Price Research

Market and competitive analysis

Your question is not directly mapped in this list?
Talk to us. We have a customer tailored solution for you.

Full-Service for your project

For your national or international project, we provide you with the entire range of services of a full-service provider for all project stages:


Being a consulting company CUSTOR exceeds these classic five project stages of market research (“5 Ds”) by request and accompanies you also during the follow-up process in your company.

Your business is particularly – as our services

For us customer orientation means providing you with customized services. After all, no two companies are alike. So why should your individual questions to be answered optimally with standardized tools? As everyone knows, tailored clothes fit better than the proverbial suit “off the rack”. It is just the same with your market research: Therefore, CUSTOR will not provide you with standardized products with protected product names but with individual solutions for your problems.

If you want your research results to be as particular as your research interest is – talk to us!